Goorin Bros.

Goorin Bros.

Who is Goorin Bros.

The brand was founded in 1895 in Pittsburgh by Cassel Goorin, he started making hats he sold from his horse and cart. Around 1920 his two sons took over the company, they gave the company it's name "Goorin Bros." They began by opening stores throughout America. All these years the company and the brand Goorin Bros. continue to grow and there is still a real Goorin behind the wheel, the great-grandson of the founder. From a few years they also sell their hats and caps internationally, but Goorin Brothers does hold on to their tradition of authentic- family craftsmanship.

The Goorin Bros caps in Europe

At we mainly have Goorin Trucker caps and we are proud of that! In 2014 we were the first to get the Goorin cap to the Netherlands and Belgium, lately we see them appear more and more in various shopping streets. Since we have been Goorin's official retailer for several years, you can be sure that we always have the latest and largest range of Goorin caps. Every six months there is a new collection of Goorin caps, and in addition, there are always the "classics" of the animal farm collection in stock, such as the Lone Wolf, the King and the All American Rooster. The Goorin hats are also proudly worn by many soccer players, including Sergi Roberto, Messi and Neymar.

Trucker caps

Goorin Bros. has been selling their famous Trucker caps from the so-called "Animal Farm Collection" for years. But there are also a lot of other brands that produce beautiful and good quality trucker caps. You can find the best brands in our shop, we are official dealer of the brands: Deus ex Machina, AB Lifestyle, Buddha to Buddha, Dakine, Lacoste, Nena & Pasadena and New Era.