Curved caps

Dad hat / Curved cap (formerly called the Baseball Cap)

A Curved cap often called a "Dad Hat" is a new trend. These caps are characterized by a curved brim, and a low- fit. The model of Dad hats is not completely new, but they are trending again. On the back of the Curved caps you will find an adjustable strap from leather or sometimes a velcro closure, so that you can size your new cap to your liking! Check for inspiration Instagram #DadHats

What is a dad hat or curved cap?

The "Dad Hat" is a new trend that originated America. Typical for these caps is that they always have a round/curved brim, hence the caps are often called "Curved Caps". Unlike the Trucker cap, a Dad hat has no mesh base, but it is fully made out of cotton or polyester. Very innovative in this category is the English brand NVLTY London, with their Suede and Distressed caps.

Why would you want a Dad Hat?

• You are a trendsetter if you have a Dad Hat.
• Good, low fit, curved brim and adjustability.

Looking for a Dad Hat in Europe?

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