Who is Lacoste

Lacoste is a French clothing company, founded by René Lacoste in 1933. The company designs, manufactures and sells clothing, shoes and perfume all over the world to a select group of retailers. In addition, they also have a number of Lacoste brand stores in which the latest collections are introduced. Originally, the brand was created by focusing on producing sportswear, mainly tennis, but now the brand has become a world-renowned luxury brand for business, sports and casual clothes. The company is still managed by the Lacoste family itself. The headquarters of the Lacoste brand is located in Paris.

The Lacoste hat, an indispensable accessory

We are of course a fan of the iconic Lacoste cap. Simple, colourfull and of perfect quality. Lacoste is very creative in designing good color combinations, while the product (the cap) remains very consistent. The logo, the well-known crocodile, is often found on the front of the Lacoste cap or on the side. Our range of Lacoste caps grows every week, so keep an eye on the shop! You can always buy a new Lacoste hat at

Lacoste curved caps

Lacoste produces mainly curved caps, which are easily recognized by the curved brim. There are also a lot of other brands that produce beautiful and good quality curved caps (also known as Dad hats). The best brands are found in our shop, for example, we are official dealer of the brands: Deus ex MachinaAB LifestyleBuddha to BuddhaCayler & Sons, New EraDOPENVLTY London and KING Apparel